Fiber Series Damask Design Hand Woven Carpet

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1-Are you looking for a Damask patterned carpet? Fiber is just for you, you can complete both your classical and modern decorations with Fiber, which we produce for your avant-garde carpet needs.

2- You can use the Fiber series in blue and visaon tones between dark colors to create a spacious area or create a harmonious space with light furniture.

3-Hint: You can create delightful combinations in details with throw pillows or accessories suitable for the blue tones of Fiber in your decoration.

4-Fiber collection, hand-woven, with tight knots, is for those looking for handcrafted carpets.

5- While you can feel the softness of bamboo where you touch it with its bamboo surface and cotton warp, the Fiber series offers a shimmering experience with the breathable fine structure of cotton.

Color : Turquoise

Color : Cream

Design : Damask

Cleaning : Professional washing

Yarn types: Cotton, bamboo

Production place : India

Weaving techniques: Hand woven carpet

Color : Turquoise