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Damask pattern carpets It is one of the complementary decor products of the houses, which spread from the Middle Ages to the whole world and today. Damask, an elegant pattern from the Renaissance period, is a motif frequently used in products such as carpets and rugs. Damask, which has an aesthetic appearance, is a pattern that adds value to the products and makes cultural touches felt, and adds elegance to your homes with its colors suitable for all tastes.

What is Damask Pattern Carpet?

The modern version of the classic damask pattern rugsIt is among the indispensables of home decoration. handwoven damask carpet varieties, on the other hand, are examples that bring figures and motifs from the past to the present day with traditional embroidery techniques. The embroidered modern form of handicraft damask pattern carpetcomes to life with the knots tied on hand looms. At this point, the development of technology also gives an opportunity to machine weaving. In addition, damask-patterned carpets, produced both by hand and by machine weaving, are offered to users in models with non-slip soles by being woven with different color options.

What are Damask Pattern Patterns?

Damask pattern carpet is a product that can be used in both modern and classical houses with its centuries-old motifs transferred from the past to the present. While it is also called neoclassical or semi-classical, its popularity and frequency of use have become widespread in recent years. These motifs, which add elegance to homes, can be embroidered on carpets with both hand-woven and machine-woven fabrics. Hand-woven damask pattern carpet is elegant, stylish and assertive. Also hand woven damask carpet patternWhile wool, cotton, bamboo and viscose yarns come to life on carpets, machine weavings are generally made with synthetic yarns.

Bringing a classic elegance to homes, damask carpets meet their users with various colors. The simplicity of white and its harmony with almost all furniture damask patterned white carpetmakes it one of the most preferred models. Carpet damask powder cream models It is also the warmer tones of simplicity and highlights the style of home decoration.

What are the Damask Patterned Carpet Features?

Hand-woven damask carpets add a cultural atmosphere to their environment with their modern appearance approaching the traditions. While chemical dyes are generally preferred in damask patterned carpets, embroideries with their shine come to the fore and patterns become evident. There are also non-slip products among the damask pattern carpet models with different color scales. Damask non-slip carpet Thanks to this, you can create a safe design line in your home.

Where are Damask Pattern Carpets Preferred?

Damask pattern carpets, which reflect the traditional nobility of modern times, are especially preferred models in homes. The harmony of carpets, which are the most qualified pieces that complete home decoration, with furniture is very important. For this reason, you should definitely pay attention to the harmony of the patterns and colors on the carpet or carpets you choose with your home. If you are one of those who want to achieve assertive elegance in your homes, you can choose damask patterned carpets. You can achieve harmony especially when you use damask patterned carpets with similar patterns on curtains, wallpaper and sofa upholstery.

How Much Are Damask Pattern Carpet Prices?

Damask carpet pricesIt varies according to the production technique of the product, the type of materials used in the manufacturing phase and the size of the product. Especially weaving technique is one of the most important factors affecting the price. For this reason, hand woven carpet models are more expensive than machine carpets. Again, the type of yarn and dye used during production is also one of the factors that determine the price.

How to Clean Damask Pattern Carpet?

It is inevitable for carpets used in almost every part of living spaces to be exposed to dust and bacteria. Before cleaning the carpet you bought, it is important to read the cleaning instructions and manage the cleaning process by considering the mentioned issues. Although it may seem simple to clean the carpet, it is necessary to complete this process without damaging the carpet.

You can start the carpet cleaning by first sweeping and removing the dust. Then you can wipe your carpet with warm water mixed with cleaning material to destroy the bacteria on and inside the carpets.

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