Out of the skillful hands of the women of Simav Eco Carpet Nostalgia Seriesare the most magnificent products of special counters. At the same time, the nostalgia series woven with natural yarns is made more durable with knots strengthened by machines. It helps you to capture a lively image with its nostalgia carpet shine, which gives a cultural touch to homes.

Common Line of Cultures Eco Carpet Nostalgia Series

The durable cultural products of naturalness and the dexterous hands of women from Simav. eco carpet nostalgia seriesIt offers you a comfortable floor pleasure with its soft texture. This series, which includes nostalgic breezes in homes with its various cultural patterns, transforms living spaces into a work of art. The nostalgia series, which takes its naturalness from bamboo and viscose yarns, makes your living spaces more special than they are.

It is also produced in round sizes for those who want to include softer decorations in their homes. eco carpet nostalgia series creates a different design line for its users. The nostalgic carpet, which also hosts small dimensions such as a runner, adds an artistic atmosphere to the entrances of the house, while at the same time calmly welcomes you to your comfort zone.

What are Eco Carpet Nostalgia Features?

The Nostalgia series is among the dazzling models with its naturalness and patterns and patterns created by harmonious colors. Soft and shiny textures bring Turkmen, Afghan and Yagcibedir patterns to the fore and add a nostalgic atmosphere to your homes. Preferred for more aesthetic features eco carpet nostalgia series It attracts users with its various features. These features can be listed as follows;

  • It is produced with natural bamboo and viscose yarns on special looms.
  • It has a soft and shiny appearance thanks to natural yarns.
  • The large variety of sizes helps it to easily adapt to living spaces.
  • Cleaning should be done in professional washing machines.
  • Those looking for a circular Afghan rug can find round Afghan patterns exclusive to Halıcızade in the Nostalgia series.

How Much Are Eco Carpet Nostalgia Prices?

Eco Carpet Nostalgiaoffers its users a special floor experience with its aesthetic and cultural appearance. Products have different shapes and sizes eco carpet nostalgia price factors affecting their level. Since it is a natural product of handicraft, the prices of the nostalgia series are variable compared to other series.

If you want an ethnic breeze in your homes, Eco Carpet You can have the products you like through Halıcızade.