It is a very good option for those looking for high quality machine made carpets. Eco Carpet Cordoba series introduces you to the most elegant form of modern carpets. These carpets, which have both a bright and soft texture, are very suitable for classical decorations as well as modern decorations. It is frequently used in abstract patterns as well as floral patterns. Eco Carpet Cordoba seriesis a candidate to be one of the important complements of your decoration. you too Eco Carpet Cordoba series You can carry it to your living spaces with one click through Halicizade.

The Meeting Point of Patterns Eco Carpet Cordoba Series

Favorite of those who cannot give up floral or abstract patterns Eco Carpet Cordoba series meets the user with different size and color options. Produced from viscose and acrylic yarns Eco Carpet Cordoba grey, It is one of the most special pieces produced in Turkey. These carpets, which combine eye-catching patterns with living spaces, offer the appearance of hand-woven carpets. 

Eco Carpet Cordoba mink Carpet designs are perfect for those who want to capture a simple and striking image. With different size alternatives, you can reveal the spirit of your home and create a dazzling image. describing the place you are in Eco Carpet Cordoba plain The model can be easily combined with other furniture and items thanks to its soft color. 

What are the Features of Eco Carpet Cordoba?

Standing out with the orientalization of vegetal motifs Eco Carpet Cordoba series is very useful in terms of being easy to clean and soft structure. At the same time, it is suitable for use for many years with the durable structure of viscose yarns and acrylic yarns obtained from beech wood. Eco Carpet Cordoba The remarkable features of the series are as follows; 

  • Easy to clean.
  • Stain retention is low.
  • There is a wide selection of sizes.
  • It is produced in Turkey.
  • It is produced from acrylic and viscose yarns.
  • It is a machine carpet.
  • How Much Are Eco Carpet Cordoba Prices?

    Eco Carpet Cordaba pricesmay vary according to the variety, dimensions or patterns of the products in the series. In particular, both abstract and floral patterns are carefully positioned. Eco Carpet Cordoba price categorized in terms of fit for every budget. With Halıcızade, you can find models suitable for your decoration and shop at the most affordable prices.