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Meet the Eko Halı Soho series, one of the latest trend carpets with a natural wicker look produced by machines. It is one of the most delicate products of handicraft and modern machinery. eco carpet sohohas recently become the most special guests of the houses. Affected by the air of wicker carpets processed loop by loop eco carpet soho seriesgives a cultural touch to your homes with ethnic patterns. You can immediately feel the meeting of Soho carpet and straw ropes with modernism in your homes.

A Modern Touch in Your Homes; Eco Carpet Soho Series

Inspired by the naturalness of straw eco carpet soho seriesis among the rarest pieces of modern designs. Adding a natural light to homes with the neutral colors they offer, soho carpets are cultural models that also blend in with various furniture and colors. With soho carpet models, which appeal to all tastes with a variety of colors, patterns and sizes, and are an integral part of homes today, you can also achieve a minimal design line. In addition, Soho, which is preferred in both modern furniture and bohemian, Scandinavian Nordic decoration, can be easily used in areas with ethnic touches.

What are the Features of Eco Carpet Soho Series?

Adapts easily to almost any living space. eco carpet sohois a minimal model that reflects its aesthetic appearance to homes. The yarns used in the soho carpet, which has a flat and knitted appearance and embossed in various colors, make this carpet model more useful. Yarns are the most important element that adds distinctiveness to the soho carpet. In addition, soho carpet provides you comfort with its many different features. These features can be listed as follows:

  • It offers an ethnic and aesthetic design line by adding a fresh air to your homes with the naturalness of its wicker appearance.
  • Although it is a machine made carpet, cultural patterns and natural colors meet with this carpet. At the same time, the synthetic threads used make the soho carpet more durable than wicker carpets.
  • The series, which is produced with specially produced threads, offers you a clean carpet experience with its durable and dust-free properties thanks to these threads.
  • Soho carpets, which you can easily clean, should be considered as the primary factor to be cleaned. Although Soho carpets are durable, they can be damaged in washing machines. You can use it with all kinds of cleaning methods except washing in the washing machine with peace of mind.
  • With its size and dimensions that adapt to almost all living spaces, soho carpet can be easily positioned in many areas of the houses. Soho series is one of the ideal solutions for those looking for winter garden carpet and balcony carpet.
  • Pile is the height of the carpet and soho carpet has a non-pile feature because it has dense weaves.
  • The curly structure added by its processing can be damaged by the nails of pets.
  • Different natural color options make the soho series indispensable.

How Much Are Eco Carpet Soho Series Prices?

eco carpet models Inspired by the minimality and naturalness of wicker carpets, eco soho carpet designs help you create an aesthetic design in your homes without straining your budget. eco carpet soho pricesmay vary depending on the size of the carpet you prefer for your home, the way it is processed, the quality of the thread and many similar factors.

If you want to capture a different style of minimalistism together with ethnic patterns in your homes, you can have a product from the Soho series right away. If you need support at the point of selection, you can contact the master carpet makers of Halıcızade.