Composed of wicker-looking carpet models Eco Carpet Brooklyn series is one of the indispensables of home and office decorations. These models, which can be used with peace of mind in ethnic and modern decorations, bring a warm atmosphere to the environment with their fringed structures. You can use it in the living room, living room or bedroom where you spend most of your time. Eco Carpet modelscreates a calm atmosphere in the environment and contributes to a quiet day. You can visit Halıcızade and find many models suitable for your decoration. 

Straw Look Eco Carpet Brooklyn Series

Acrylic, synthetic and cotton yarns used instead of natural straw yarns Eco Carpet Brooklyn series It is quite advantageous for The fact that this type of yarn can be easily cleaned and can be positioned in any environment makes the Brooklyn series a candidate to be indispensable for your decoration. These models, which are dominated by earth tones, form integrity with different color furniture. alternative to earth colors Eco Carpet Brooklyn Anthracite model, on the other hand, is a model that those who favor simplicity in decoration can choose with peace of mind. 

What are Eco Carpet Brooklyn Features? 

Eco Carpet Rug One of the most remarkable features of the models is that they are machine woven carpets. These carpets, which have a modern design, are produced in Turkey. Besides these Eco Carpet Brooklyn The general features of the series are as follows: 

  • Requires professional washing.
  • It is produced in dimensions such as 155x155- 135x200. 
  • Cotton, synthetic and acrylic yarns are used in its construction.
  • It is a machine carpet.
  • How Much Are Eco Carpet Brooklyn Prices?

    machine carpet produced as Eco Carpet Brooklyn price range is often more suitable than the carpets produced by hand weaving technique. In addition, these carpets, which are produced from very soft yarn types such as cotton, synthetic and acrylic, are user-friendly unlike silk or viscose yarn types. Therefore, the cost is also low. 

    Eco Carpet Brooklyn You can reach all of the models in the series with the difference of Halıcızade and you can buy the model you want.