Eco Carpet Lugano series brings together stylish carpet models with ethnic patterns. These rugs with a Uşak pattern can be used in many different environments with peace of mind. These carpets, which are cultural heritage, have a very soft structure. You can reach the Eko Halı Lugano series, which combines butler motifs that will easily adapt to classical decorations, with carpets, through Halıcızade, and you can easily find the model that suits it. 

Ethnic Touch Eco Carpet Lugano Series

Ethnic touch that can easily adapt to the fashion of every period Eco Carpet Lugano The carpet models in the series are produced with various sizes and patterns and appeal to the tastes of users who adopt different styles. The Lugano series has patterns that can attract attention in any environment where it is used. These models, which can easily adapt to the decoration in areas such as the kitchen, living room, study and living room, can be easily carried thanks to their relatively thin structure. machine carpet The Lugano series does not require a demanding routine during the cleaning phase. Especially simple stains can be cleaned practically and the dirt retention rate is very low. 

What are the Features of Eco Carpet Lugano? 

produced in Turkey Eco Carpet Lugano viscose yarn is used in the carpets in the series. Viscose yarn makes carpets very soft and shiny. The general features of the carpets in the series can be listed as follows:

  • Requires professional washing.
  • It is produced in Turkey.
  • It is a machine carpet.
  • Viscose yarn type is used in production. 

How Much Are Eco Carpet Lugano Prices?

Eco Carpet Lugano price It is more suitable in terms of hand-woven carpets. The reason for this is that it is produced by machine weaving. One of the factors affecting the price of the Lugano series is the type of yarn. This series, produced using viscose yarn, is offered for sale at more affordable prices than carpets made of silk or wool yarn. In addition, the dimensions of the carpets have a significant effect on the prices. Large-sized carpets that you will buy to use in larger areas such as living rooms are more expensive when compared to small-sized ones. You can reach Eko Carpet Lugano series products that will adapt to the decoration of your dreams through Halıcızade.