It is formed by combining the knitting technique, which has been used for centuries in the production of carpets and rugs, with completely natural products. Eco Carpet JadeIt makes itself noticed in a short time in the area where it is used. Especially when the labor spent in the production phase is examined carefully, it easily affects you and your guests. Eco Carpet Jade series You can make a stylish touch not only to your homes but also to the living space you want, and you can impress everyone with yourself.

The Modern Touch in Your Homes; Eco Carpet Jade Series

As time progresses, it is an undeniable fact that more attention is paid to the harmony of the items used in the houses with each other. The increase in production speed enables new colors and designs to emerge.  eco carpet models Jade series, which takes its place among the list, helps you to create a decorative house with its color tones. If you are one of those who want to change the atmosphere of their home for a long time and do not dare to take the first step. eco carpet You can give a chance to the Jade models of the world.

What are the Features of Eco Carpet Jade Series?

Eco Carpet Jade, It is formed by shaping the wool plant grown within the borders of India by using special twisting techniques. Also known as "golden fiber" Eco Carpet Jade, Since the first days of its use, it has been one of the most preferred products because it does not contain synthetic mixtures. The high demand rate depends on the various features of the Jade series. The features of the Jade Carpet series can be listed as follows:

  • It can be produced in brown, gray, white, cream, beige and anthracite tones.
  • It has Scandinavian and geometric shapes as well as trendy designs.
  • It has a soft and fluffy texture.

Despite all its good aspects, the Eko Carpet Jade series also has some negative features. These disadvantages are as follows:

  • Due to its curly structure, it is not the right choice for homeowners who prioritize durability criteria.
  • It should not be forgotten that this type of carpet, which has a knotted structure, will attract the attention of pets.

How Much Are Eco Carpet Jade Series Prices?

Bringing freshness to you with its naturalness and design Eco Carpet JadeIt is offered for sale at reasonable prices, considering its quality and compared to other manufacturers. When the efficiency received/paid wages are compared, the result obtained shows that you made the right choice. In addition, many features such as carpet size, yarn quality, processing type are important factors affecting the determination of prices.

Eco Carpet Jade price You can easily make your choice by considering the options. If you want to have a different style and you think it's time for a change, you can buy a Jade rug right away through Halıcızade.