dear kilimIt is a type of rug with historical roots that reflects the most elegant and aesthetic aspects of Turkish weaving art. This special weave is characterized by colored pattern threads sandwiched between weft and warp threads, creating raised patterns on the weaving surface. Cicim rugs, traditionally woven in many Turkish cities, attract attention with their different weaving techniques, colors and motifs. Find the cicim rug models you are looking for, whether to use in traditional or modern spaces. Halıcızade You can review it immediately via .

What is Cicim Kilim?

Cicim rug is one of the oldest and most original examples of traditional Turkish rug weaving art. This type of rug has a technique in which patterns are embossed on the weaving surface, and the weft and warp threads are woven by enriching them with colored pattern threads. 

sweet rug, oldest Turkish rug It is considered one of the most popular types of art and is used in wall decorations, floor displays or as pillow weaves. With their unique patterns and weaving techniques, cicim rugs are among the cultural heritages that reflect the elegant and aesthetic aspects of Turkish weaving art.

How is Cicim Rug Produced? 

Cicim rug production is carried out through a complex process that includes original and traditional techniques. This process begins with the preparation of warp and weft threads. Cicim kilim weaving The process is completed by squeezing colored pattern threads between the weft and warp threads. This technique allows the patterns to have a raised appearance on the woven surface.

During the pattern creation stage, weavers use geometric shapes, floral figures and traditional motifs. Pattern threads pass over and under the weft and warp threads that form the basis of the weaving. During this process, pattern threads are carefully placed with diagonal movements from the back of the weaving to the front.

Cicim rugs are produced with 2 or 3 hop weaving techniques. In 2-hop cicim weaving, the pattern threads progress by skipping over 2 warp threads, while in 3-hop cicim weaving, the pattern threads proceed by skipping 3 warp threads. 

Techniques determine the density and visual complexity of the rug's patterns. Although Cicim rugs can be woven by a single person, sometimes two people may be required to follow more complex patterns. In this case, one person traces the pattern and warp threads on the front of the rug while the other person arranges the pattern threads from the back.

In Which Regions Are Cicim Kilims Traditionally Produced?

dear kilimIt is traditionally produced in regions of Turkey such as Antep, Siirt, Silifke, Kırşehir, Karaman and Sivas. These regions are rich in cultural heritage and different natural conditions. hand woven rug It has an important place in production. 

Each region where Cicim rugs are produced adds its own unique touch to these works of art, and each rug reflects the cultural richness of the place it is woven. For example, my dear pistachio rugs with their vibrant colors and geometric patterns, Siirt dear Their rugs are known for their more abstract and symbolic motifs. Cicim rugs, produced in almost every region, constitute the most beautiful examples of hand-woven art, revealing the richness and diversity of Turkish weaving culture.

What are the Features of Cicim Rug?

Cicim rugs have many features in terms of weaving techniques, patterns and colors. Some of the prominent features of Cicim rugs can be listed as follows:

  • Natural wool and cotton threads are mostly used.
  • The wefts and warps that form the base are generally made of threads of the same color and thickness.
  • The threads that make up the patterns may have different colors and thicknesses than the ground threads.
  • Cicim rugs are woven by compressing colored pattern threads between the weft and warp threads. This technique creates embossed patterns on the surface of the weaving, giving cicim rugs a unique textural quality.
  • The patterns used in Cicim rugs generally include geometric shapes, animal figures, floral elements and sometimes human figures. 
  • Cicim rugs are used as wall decorations, floor coverings, cushions and other home textile products. 
  • Cicim rugs produced in different regions of Turkey have pattern and color characteristics specific to the region where they are produced.
  • Vibrant and bright colors are often used in Cicim rugs. These colors include shades such as red, dark blue, yellow, purple, black and green. The choice of colors often depends on regional characteristics and reflects the natural dyes used.

What are Cicim Rug Models?

Cicim rug models are named according to regions. Cicim rugs of each region are closely related to the cultural heritage, geographical features and historical background of that region. Therefore, each cicim rug carries the unique story and artistic expression of the region it is woven. The most beautiful rug types The models of cicim rugs among the regions can be listed as follows:

Eastern Anatolia Region Cicim Kilim

  • Cicim rugs in the Eastern Anatolian region are generally characterized by intense geometric patterns and vibrant colors.
  • Animal figures and traditional symbols are often used in motifs.

Southeastern Anatolia Region Cicim Kilim

  • Cicim rugs of Southeastern Anatolia have more complex motifs and rich color combinations.
  • Floral and ethnic motifs are common in rugs from this region.

Aegean Region Cicim Kilim

  • Aegean Region cicim rugs have lighter and pastel color tones.
  • Sea and nature themed motifs are frequently seen in cicim rugs of the Aegean Region.

Marmara Region Cicim Kilim

  • Cicim rugs woven in the Marmara Region generally have simpler and more minimalist patterns.
  • Cicim rugs from this region can be compatible with modern and contemporary interior designs.

Mediterranean Region Cicim Kilim

  • Mediterranean Region cicim rugs attract attention with their bright and vibrant colors.
  • Sea and sun themes are frequently used in the cicim rugs of this region.

Central Anatolia Region Cicim Kilim

  • Cicim rugs of Central Anatolia are known for their traditional Turkish motifs and geometric patterns.
  • This region hosts rugs that mostly use earth tones and natural colors.

What are Cicim Kilim Patterns / Motifs? 

Cicim rug patterns They can be grouped as geometric, vegetal and animal. Turkish carpet rug motifs The details of these groups can be listed as follows:

  • Geometric Patterns: Simple geometric shapes such as square, rectangle and triangle are the most common motifs of cicim rugs.
  • Herbal Motifs: Flowers, trees and other natural elements are frequently used in cicim rugs.
  • Animal Figures: Animal figures such as rams, birds and deer can be included in cicim rugs.
  • Human Figures and Symbols: Symbolic that reflects human figures and emotions, such as "hand on hip", "hands on waist", "hands on hands" Turkish patterns It can also be found in cicim rugs.
  • Traditional Turkish Rug Motifs: Various traditional Turkish motifs from Anatolian culture are frequently used in cicim rugs.
  • Abstract Patterns: In some cicim rugs, a more contemporary and artistic expression is achieved by using abstract patterns that do not represent a distinct figure or object.

In Which Places Is Cicim Kilim Used?

Cicim rugs can be used in various areas such as living rooms, bedrooms, corridors and even modern offices.indoor used in fields. Cicim rugs in living rooms add warmth and color to the room when used in harmony with the furniture arrangement. These rugs complement the overall decoration theme of the living room. seating arrangement creates and increases the aesthetics of the room. 

Cicim rugs can only be used sitting room It is not limited to . In bedrooms, cicim rugs placed under or next to the bed provide a general feel of the room. your style enriches and comfort increases the feeling. In other parts of the house, in transition areas such as corridors, ethnic rugs create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

In addition, cicim rugs, which combine modern and traditional elements in interior designs, add visual depth to the seating arrangement and provide a characteristic touch to the space. Cicim rugs, which are rich in color and pattern, furniture ve decoration Easily adapts to their style. Cicim rugs contribute to the aesthetic and functional appearance of interior spaces by displaying the elegance and richness of traditional handicrafts in every place they are used.

What Should You Consider When Buying a Cicim Rug?

When buying a Cicim rug, attention should be paid to points such as material quality, weaving density, and the vibrancy of colors. The points to be considered can generally be listed as follows:

  • Pay attention to whether the rug is made of natural materials such as wool, cotton or silk. 
  • A tightly and properly woven rug is more durable and long-lasting.
  • The fact that the colors are not faded and painted with natural dyes indicates quality.
  • The clarity and neatness of the patterns is an indication of masterful workmanship.
  • Make sure that the edges of the rug are smooth and solidly finished.
  • The size of the rug should be proportional to the area where it will be used.
  • If you want to buy a real cicim rug, make sure that the rug is authentic and hand-woven.
  • Learn about rug care and cleaning. 

How to Understand Cicim Kilim?

Cicim rugs are recognizable thanks to their unique weaving techniques and characteristic patterns. These rugs are characterized by relief patterns created by squeezing colored pattern threads between the weft and warp threads. The patterns mostly consist of geometric shapes, natural motifs and traditional Turkish ornaments and create a distinct relief effect on the surface of the rug. In addition, the motifs and colors used in cicim rugs reflect the cultural characteristics of the region in which they are woven. These features distinguish cicim rugs from other types of rugs.

How to Clean Cicim Rug?

The Cicim rug is cleaned by gently wiping off the stains, professionally dry cleaning, and using a vacuum on a low power setting. These cleaning methods should be applied carefully to prevent damage to the rug and to extend its lifespan. Cleaners with heavy chemical content and harsh detergents should be avoided, and natural and mild cleaning products should be used to preserve the vibrancy of colors. If your cicim rug requires more detailed cleaning, it is best to seek support from professional cleaning services suitable for this specific weave type.

How to Wash Cicim Kilim?

Cicim rugs are washed by hand instead of automatic washing machines. The washing process of these delicate rugs should be carried out by an experienced person. Because wrong washing techniques can shorten the life of the rug by causing its colors to fade and its texture to deteriorate. 

When washing your Cicim rug, it is important to avoid using chemical-containing detergents and use warm or cold water instead of extremely hot water. In order to preserve the colors of the rug, it should be washed gently and carefully. Additionally, excessive friction and pressure should be avoided in order to preserve the structure of the rug. After the washing process is completed, the cicim rug should be dried on a flat area and away from direct sunlight.

How Much Are Cicim Rug Prices?

Cicim rug pricesIt varies depending on the size of the rug, the quality of the material used, and the age of the rug. Moreover hand woven rug pricesIt increases depending on factors such as the quality of workmanship and the rarity of the materials used. As the size of the rug increases, the price increases. 

The quality of the natural materials used is also handmade rug prices It is an increasing factor. Older antique cicim rugs are also sold at higher prices due to their collection value. Therefore, high-quality, hand-woven cicim rugs have higher price tags due to their artistic value and craftsmanship, while cicim rugs with more modern and simple designs are more affordable. 

Where to Buy Cicim Kilim?

Cute rugs; It is purchased from handicraft shops, local markets, art galleries or carpet shops. Shops and galleries focusing on handicrafts guarantee the quality and authenticity of cicim rugs. Additionally, local markets and handicraft fairs in various regions of Turkey are ideal places to discover a variety of cicim rugs. 

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