ethnic carpet varieties create an unusual and warm effect in decoration with their characteristic patterns and unique color tones. Local carpet and kilim motifs from different regions of Turkey, stories of geographies such as India and Afghanistan are carried to homes among the ethnic and authentic carpet models that are frequently preferred in recent times. Ethnic designs emerge with the reflection of different cultures and people's perspectives on the carpet.

What is Ethnic Carpet?

Ethnic carpet is one of the rarest pieces that appeals to every user with its varieties and patterns and adapts to homes with different color options. Ethnic patterned carpet models, which are preferred in both minimal, classical and modern decoration, are very suitable for more traditional spaces as well as their exotic stances. Ethnic Patterned Wool Carpet and ethnic patterned cotton and silk carpets and rugs, it is also possible to capture a bohemian atmosphere in homes.

Ethnic Carpet Models Compatible with Your Home Decoration

An integral part of living spaces with an ethnic atmosphere. ethnic design carpetallows the cultural lines to be felt in the environment. While ethnic carpet models create remarkable areas in home decoration with various pattern and color alternatives, they can be evaluated in different places from the living room to the entrance halls. While adding a different atmosphere to a modern home decoration, it also has a geometric pattern. ethnic rug With its exotic colors, it offers a carpet experience to its users.

Ethnic transition from the past to the present patchwork carpetsgives place to different feelings and effort in each piece. The patchwork pattern, which has become a part of the bohemian style, is the most cultural proof of the coming together of the differences.

With different color and pattern options ethnic design carpet It is the most comfortable and colorful way to reflect the traditional style with Anatolian patterns. When the traditional patterns of Anatolian culture meet with colorful yarns, ethnic carpet models, can become indispensable parts of living spaces. Ethnic patterned carpets with warm colors adapt to the home decoration with warm colors, while neutral colors add a lively atmosphere to the used houses.

ethnic carpet rug models are a very suitable choice for houses decorated in Asian style. Ethnic rugs, which are very compatible for this style, create a colorful atmosphere and create a more lively living space. Combined with suitable furniture and decor products ethnic carpet models helps you make a difference at home with creative designs.

What are the Ethnic Design Carpet Features?

ethnic design carpet, It is possible to have a modern or traditional ethnic atmosphere in your homes with various color scales and different patterns. Ethnic carpets made of synthetic and woolen threads are divided into machine-woven and hand-woven, and therefore the characteristics of both are different.

Ethnic rugs, which are the most colorful form of handicraft, are made of natural yarns such as wool, cotton, pekoe, bamboo viscose and need more delicate care. It is recommended to go through a professional cleaning process, especially for the product to last longer. The natural texture of wool carpets is a very good choice for those who favor naturalness in their homes.

Machine-woven carpets, consisting of the combination of synthetic threads, offer many years of use with their durable structures. Ethnic carpets made of synthetic threads host a variety of patterns and colors. Machine carpets, which need professional cleaning as well as daily cleaning, adapt to different sizes of houses with various sizes and dimensions.

Among the machine-made carpets, digitally printed ethnic patterned carpets started to come to the fore with the development of technology. With their budget-friendly prices and structures that can be washed in the washing machine. digital print carpets and rugs You can also take a look at the varieties.

Where Are Ethnic Carpet Models Used?

ethnic carpet models Although it is generally preferred in living spaces such as homes, it can also be used in offices decorated with creative designs. Ethnic design carpet, which has become a symbol of bohemian and exotic style, adds a lively atmosphere to any living space.

Ethnic style carpets, which are often used in bohemian and minimal living spaces, make it very easy for users to find carpets in the style they want with different patterns. In addition, carpet models with ethnic designs that include traditional inspirations help to create a warm and friendly atmosphere in living spaces with their cultural textures and timeless designs.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Ethnic Carpet

Many points should be considered when choosing carpets, which are functional decor products of living spaces. Many factors such as the furniture, accessories and wall color you prefer in your homes give you clues about choosing a carpet. If you want to create a decoration that is both modern and stylish, you can realize your dream living space with patchwork and geometric patterned ethnic carpet models.

The most elegant piece that makes you feel cultural inspiration in your homes is undoubtedly the Anatolian patterned ethnic carpet. The Anatolian pattern, which also adapts to the classical style with its traditional patterns, adds value to the home decoration with its colorful designs.

Moreover ethnic design carpetIt also differs according to weaving techniques. Hand-woven ethnic rugs produced from natural wool yarns help to get through the winter months more comfortably. However, although it is not a recommended item for users with allergies to wool, there are ethnic carpet models produced from synthetic threads for users with such sensitivities.

Hallways that welcome us calmly to living spaces also need soft floors. It is also very important that this time is comfortable, especially when going to the areas where we will relax the most. If you want to reflect the ethnic style of your home in your corridors. ethnic carpet rug models are a very good choice for you. It is possible to reach the rugs in the ethnic style you want with different color and pattern options through Halıcızade.

How Much Are Ethnic Carpet Prices?

Ethnic carpet prices, which keep homes and interiors warm, include cultural inspirations with their ethnic texture, and are an integral part of home decoration; It may differ according to the yarn used in the production and the quality of the yarn, the weaving type and density, type and dimensions. ethnic pattern concept carpet models are in Halıcızade with a thousand and one varieties suitable for your needs and budget.

How is Ethnic Carpet Maintenance and Cleaning Done?

ethnic carpet models Despite its elegant structures, it is among the very durable carpet models, contrary to what is thought. Carpet care practices may differ according to the yarns used in carpet production.

In daily cleaning, dusting the carpet with a vacuum cleaner first makes the cleaning process much easier. Also, if you want to prefer a more in-depth cleaning, you can get help from warm water and a slightly damp cloth. Special liquids or shampoos produced for carpets are also an important step in carpet cleaning. The point to be considered here is to take care that these special liquids do not contain any bleaching agent.

At the same time, carpets need professional care and cleaning at certain periods. Professional washing recommended twice a year; It helps your carpet to get rid of all bacteria, dust, dirt and similar things.