The Karabakh carpet is home to the flamboyant designs of Azerbaijan. and has a cultural heritage feature with the rare patterns it carries on it. You can have these specially designed carpets, which make the users feel the naive traces of the past, with the option suitable for your budget, with the privilege of Halıcızade.

What is Karabakh Carpet?

Karabakh carpetIt is a cultural heritage produced with hand-woven and herbal yarns in the Karabakh region. This special heritage is woven stitch by knot, inspired by roses, which stand out with their flamboyant characteristic and are one of the noblest flowers of nature. Also called crate old karabakh carpet, It gets this name because it is placed in the ballot boxes without being used.

Actually karabakh carpet It is more like a rug than a carpet in structure. Heavy but lightweight karabakh carpet It is often preferred with this functional feature. delicately like lace crocheted karabakh carpet models It comes to the forefront according to the region and patterns in which it is processed.

The fact that the rose has a special place in the Azerbaijani culture, which is often the subject of the love of the rose for the nightingale, also shows itself in the Karabakh carpets. The harmonious weaving of rose flower colors on a black background creates the Karabakh carpet. karabakh carpet is the most important feature.

What are the Karabakh Carpet Types?

Karabakh carpets vary in their weaving styles. The first of these, hand weaving, is the one that inspires the other two weaving techniques. Karabakh patterned hand woven rug It is a rare piece that was woven in ancient times but is not produced as often today. The reason why it is rare is that the original Karabakh carpets are not produced today. However, hand-woven Karabakh carpet types come to life in ways that do not look like the original.

Hand-woven, carefully embroidered with wool and cotton threads Karabakh carpet It carries the elegance of the rose. Hand-woven, which comes to life with natural dyes as well as natural yarns. Karabakh carpet models It also offers the opportunity to be used in houses decorated differently with various rose patterns.

Meeting homes with machine weaving and digital printing methods karabakh patterned carpet It is usually produced from bamboo, acrylic and polyester yarns. Standing out with its characteristic designs karabakh carpet If you're looking for just historical splendor, machine-woven karabakh patterned carpet It may be a very suitable choice for you. Moreover Karabakh kilim pattern printed carpet It can also be an alternative to machine woven Karabakh carpets.

Where are Karabakh Carpet and Rug Models Used?

One of the pioneers of the classical style karabakh carpet It is one of the models that can come to life in various living spaces and also show itself in harmony with home decoration. These specially designed carpets, which are mostly used in homes, are more compatible with living spaces furnished in authentic, ethnic and vintage styles.

It is also evident in houses with modern lines. karabakh carpet It can be the favorite of the medium used with its various patterns. Karabakh carpets, which make a difference with their cultural structure, patterns and features, are decorative products that enliven various areas with their runner and rug models. Especially karabakh runner ve karabakh rug It allows you to take a step on a historical journey by adding a vintage atmosphere to the corridors that welcome you to your comfort zones.

Karabakh carpet Although it mostly adds color to the floors, it also makes a difference in terms of decoration on the walls. It is quite possible to capture the ambiance that the tapestries, which have been very popular recently, add to the living spaces with the Karabakh carpets.

Where is Karabakh Rug Woven?

Where is Karabakh rug woven? The question is among the frequently asked questions. In fact, the answer to this question is hidden in the name of the carpet. These special carpets woven in the Azerbaijan region can also be produced with various weaving methods with the developing technology. The development of production methods also allows these carpets to meet almost the whole world.

with a rug Karabakh carpet The production of the machine and digital print models of the models is made in Turkey. Hand-woven Karabakh carpets, which are more rare pieces, are produced in two known regions. These rugs, woven by skilled hands in Azerbaijan and Karabakh, come to life and meet with your homes, reflecting the elegance of the rose, which is part of the culture.

Pay Attention To These While Buying Karabakh Rugs

Nature, which is the common feature of cultures, is an important symbol that also shows itself in Karabakh carpets and is processed in a very naive way. Rose, one of nature's noblest flowers, karabakh carpet and is the most specific feature of its varieties. In addition to being a special symbol of Azerbaijani culture, the rose pattern is also unique to Karabakh culture. There are several points to consider when buying Karabakh carpets, which are a historical heritage, and these points can be listed as follows:

  • The harmony of the style reflected by the Karabakh carpet with the home decoration and wall colors.
  • The size of the area where the carpet will be used.
  • Production technique, type and quality of yarns used in production.
  • Carpet maintenance and cleaning routines suit the user.
  • Be it hand woven, machine woven or digitally printed.
  • The materials used in production and the sensitivity or allergic reaction these materials may cause in the user.
  • Durability and warranty.

Moreover Karabakh rug patterned carpet In varieties, black and red are inseparable colors. In addition to the dominant red color of the rose pattern, carefully embroidered like a cross-stitch on a black background, yellow and green tones can also appear on this special carpet. If black seems like a suffocating color, but you can't give up the karabakh pattern; The carpet with a white floor, inspired by the Karabakh carpet models, is a very suitable choice for you. 

How to Clean Karabakh Carpet and Rug Models?

Requires different cleaning and maintenance routines according to weaving types. Karabakh carpet It is possible to use and models in their original condition for many years with proper maintenance. In this direction Karabakh carpet The most important cleaning routine variable in the varieties is the weaving style.

There are three different production techniques as machine weaving, digital printing and hand weaving. Karabakh carpet models may require different cleaning routines for different techniques. Similar cleaning routines used in Karabakh carpets made by machine weaving and digital printing methods are like those of other carpet models and require a normal maintenance process. In addition to regular sweeping and wiping operations, professional maintenance once or twice a year is sufficient for carpets in this technique.

Hand-woven that requires a more specialized care routine Karabakh carpet The cleaning to be preferred in the models should be more sensitive and careful. The use of natural materials wool and cotton in carpets with this technique is one of the important factors that indicate the sensitivity of the cleaning process. Vegetable dyes used in the content of hand-woven carpets are also one of the reasons why this process is done more carefully. Since wiping, which is one of the routine cleaning steps, on these carpets containing vegetable dyes may cause discoloration, care should be taken while wiping.

How Much Are Karabakh Carpet Prices?

Available in many different models Karabakh carpet prices varies depending on various factors. Price differences in Karabakh carpets; The type of yarn used and the quality of the yarn vary depending on the size of the carpets, especially the weaving style. The fact that these carpet models, which bear the traces of Karabakh, have become very rare in recent years, are also effective on prices.