framed carpet, It is an ideal product for those who like to use classic and modern style together while decorating their home or workplace. Produced inspired by traditional handmade carpets framed carpet models, becomes one of the indispensable carpet themes with its timeless designs. In addition to hand-woven and woolen carpets, it is also frequently used in the design of machine-made carpets. frame carpet With its pattern, you can easily capture the elegance in your living spaces.

What is Framed Carpet?

These products, which are preferred to suppress the complexity of pattern and color diversity, are models with motifs in a frame. Especially appealing to users who think that patterned carpets are tiring for the eyes, these carpets easily adapt to modern or classically furnished spaces. 

What are Frame Patterned Carpet Models?

Frame patterned carpet Since its varieties appeal to both classical and modern decoration tastes, its usage area is quite wide. Framed carpet Among its varieties, there are simple carpet designs consisting of plain and plain colors, as well as carpet models with quite different motifs and patterns.

While different models such as framed Uşak carpets, framed silk carpets and modern framed carpets always stand out in this category, the regularity and quantity of frame designs, which are called 'border' in Afghan carpet designs, are one of the elements that increase the value of the carpet.

Gray Framed Carpet Designs

Gray framed carpet types, which are generally preferred to be used in light and pastel tones, are purchased to give a more spacious appearance to the space. These carpet models, which are dominated by gray tones as well as their modern designs, are mostly used in areas such as living rooms and study rooms. You can catch new trends with carpet models dominated by silver, smoked, anthracite and light gray tones, which have become particularly prominent in decoration lately.

Black Framed Carpet Designs

The use of gray and white colors is more preferred. black framed rug designs are often combined with light-colored furniture. When choosing the use of such carpets, it is important to take care to complete the decoration with dominant colors such as black. Because dark colors can make the space seem smaller than it is, as well as creating a suffocating effect.

Black framed carpet When it is preferred, it is one of the points to pay attention to, showing the space in a wide and deep way by using different colors in small details. In addition, if you prefer patterned products when choosing furniture or armchairs, you can achieve balance in the space by using unpatterned pastel colors in the selection of carpets.

Framed Runner Models

Framed runner These types are thinner and smaller in size than carpet models. Runners used to cover open ground in smaller areas, framed carpet It is designed in different colors and patterns as in the models and presented to the users.

At this point, it is important to note that choosing framed models in runner and corridor carpets can make the carpet look narrower than it is. The appeal of framed carpets increases as the carpet expands.

Where and How Are Frame Carpet Models Used?

Frame carpet models; It consists of motifs often encountered in carpet designs, such as a plain frame, starry or flowered frame. with dense patterns framed carpet dark tones such as red and burgundy attract attention. In addition, cream and brown tones are often used in framed carpets. Although such carpets are especially preferred for living room decoration, they can also be used easily in other living areas such as bedrooms or kitchens.

How to Clean and Maintain a Framed Carpet?

Carpets and rugs, which are among the cleanable products, should be cleaned without using materials that can damage the hairs and colors of the product. Framed carpet washing can be performed by choosing materials specially produced for carpet washing. In addition, you can remove small stains by wiping them yourself or you can clean them with a carpet washing machine. 

How Much Are Framed Carpet Prices?

Framed carpet prices, It is determined at different levels according to the structure, size and production technique of the product. Hand-woven framed carpet models have higher prices than machine-woven carpets. In addition, the type of yarn that the carpet is woven is one of the important factors affecting the price. If you want to choose among affordable and economical carpet models, you can take a look at the frame patterned models in digital print carpets.

Halicizade frame carpet prices, Starting from the appropriate levels, it varies according to the model and size.

If you want to choose among framed carpet designs but cannot decide which carpet to buy, you can contact Halıcızade immediately to obtain detailed information or Try at Home See Like You can make your final decision with the option.