One of the most elaborate forms of hand weaving. Versace carpethelps to turn living spaces into a visual feast. It is decorated with wooden furniture types, which makes the environment look more elegant than it is. Versace carpets, steals your heart with its design license. If you are one of those who want to reveal your style, it is specially produced for Halıcızade. Versace carpet You can have your assortment right away.

Versace Carpet Models Exclusive to Halıcızade

You can choose to make your living space perfect. Versace brand carpetis perfect for showing off your style. licensed Versace carpet original varieties were specially designed by Clauio Amati and produced for Halıcızade. Pure silk is used in the patterns of these carpets, each of which is a work of art. In addition, it is also possible to use completely natural wool and cotton in its weaving. Versace carpet makes it special.

You can easily reach through Halicizade. Versace carpet You can easily bring the special air of hand-woven into your living spaces with its varieties. Classic design with a gorgeous blend of brown, cream and copper tones. Versace carpet Thanks to this, you can easily achieve an elegant appearance in your living spaces.

What are the Versace Carpet Features?

eye-catching Versace carpet of models versace pattern carpet The biggest difference is that it is licensed. In addition, these carpets, which turn the environment in which they are used into a museum, are knotted quite often. Although it is hand woven, it is carefully knotted Versace carpet Natural wool and cotton are used in the production of varieties.

How to Use Versace Carpet Models?

Carpet types are generally chosen according to the living area where it will be used. Carpets that will not lose their properties for a long time are preferred especially in frequently used areas. At this point, you can place the Halıcızade Versace Carpet types woven with natural wool and cotton in your home with peace of mind.

Versace carpet models It is quite suitable for those who want to create a more classical impression in terms of decoration. You can easily achieve the harmony of your dreams in your living spaces, especially with gilded gold tones and dark solid furniture.

Things to Consider When Buying Versace Carpet Original Designs

Versace carpet There are several elements to consider when purchasing original designs. These elements can be listed as follows:

  • Natural yarns are used in its manufacture.
  • In addition to being special designs, it is licensed.
  • It is produced in a hand-woven manner with high knot density.
  • Since it is handmade, it has limited size options.
  • It is recommended to decorate with wooden furniture.
  • Since they are custom made carpets, extra care should be taken in their cleaning.

How to Clean Versace Carpet?

Versace carpet While cleaning, the carpet should be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner at certain intervals. Thus, you can clean the dust on the carpet over time without damaging the carpet. While cleaning the carpet with a vacuum cleaner, the machine should be used with slow movements towards the lying direction of the yarns. In addition, whisking and beating should not be done to purify the carpet from dust. Such rough movements will damage the carpet, shortening its useful life.

In addition to these, it is necessary to avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight while ventilating the carpet. If any liquid is spilled on the carpet, the liquid should be cleaned with a paper towel without wasting time. In order for the stain not to penetrate into the carpet, it should not be rubbed by pressing. Apart from these Versace carpet Avoid using too much water and carpet shampoo while cleaning. By getting help from carpet experts for a detailed cleaning, you can prevent your carpet from being damaged and extend its lifetime.

How Much Are Versace Carpet Prices?

Specially produced for Halicazede with high knot frequency Versace carpet price It is on a high scale depending on the type of yarn. A work of art, produced using pure silk in its designs. Prices for Versace carpets determined at this point.