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Taking its place among the home decoration trends post carpet are products that offer a unique look to the environment when decorated with wooden furniture. These products, which are produced by master carpet makers, are appreciated by users with different tastes with their natural colors and different sizes.

What is Post Carpet?

post carpetare decoration products that provide extra comfort by adding a traditional depth to modern spaces thanks to their natural and comfortable structure. As a gift of mankind, who is the follower of the traces of the past, post carpet models, appeals to different tastes. It is a very good choice for users who are bored with the standard look and want to capture an original style. post carpet designs come to the fore with the ability to quickly change the ambiance of the homes.

Post Carpet Models Transferred from Generation to Generation

Post carpet models, to the design, It varies according to its color, size, material and technique used in the production phase. natural looking post plush carpet While their designs offer a softer and more comfortable floor, they highlight both ethnic and rustic styles. However, it is also possible to reflect the noble appearance of natural patterns with artificial post carpets. Artificial models, which are frequently preferred by users who are sensitive in this regard, also attract attention with their budget-friendly price levels.

If you want to feel the nobility and integrity of nature at home leather post carpet you can refer to models. These products, which attract attention with their sustainable and recyclable features, are one hundred percent natural. nature friendly post carpet models, With dozens of different color and pattern scales, it allows you to capture traditional modernity or cultural ethnic touches in your homes. In addition, the silver design reflects the elegance of silver. post carpetis among the eye-catching products that will bring vitality to calm home decorations.

Geometric and patchwork patterned post rugs are exemplary pieces of natural modernism. Inspired by different parts of nature designed in this style post carpet models You can also feel the modern decoration and add traditional designs to your modern decoration. It is also the most noble pattern of classical elegance. damaskWhen combined with post carpets, it helps you achieve a timeless classic look in home decoration.

Reflection of Nature Features of Leather Fleece Carpets

Reflecting the power of nature leather post carpet Their designs consist of harmonious patterns of the skin and feathers of animals. Leather post rugs fit into many homes with their different colors and patterns. While designing your space, you can feel the soft texture of the leather carpet while adding a bold atmosphere to your atmosphere with the post carpets that carry the strong breeze of nature.

Halıcızade's carefully produced post carpet varieties do not include any animal hides killed for their fur. Waste is prevented by using the hides of animals used in food supply in carpet production. In addition, tanning is done with 1st class drugs to prevent any odor from forming on the hides.

What are the Post Carpet Colors?

post carpet Although there are colors from nature in general, there are also models with different colors that will adapt to every home and change the dynamism of the decoration. Crafted on natural leather for users who want more vibrant colors pink post rug It stands out as a very attractive option.

It is a very good option for those who favor simplicity in home decoration. white fleece carpet and it also goes well with classic furniture and dark walls. For those who like warmer colors than white but do not want to go out of the simplicity line. post carpet cream color designs can be a viable option. cream post carpet, It brings the calmest state of nature to your homes with its warm tones. At the same time, such models, which have a light color, reflect the daylight and make the houses look wider and more spacious.

It will be integral parts of houses decorated in dark colors such as black. gray post carpet varieties can become the most eye-catching floors of the houses by highlighting the furniture and decor products. Adding a noble air to avant-garde home decorations black fleece rug You can reach varieties and much more with the privilege of Halıcızade.

Where is Post Carpet Used?

When it comes to carpet, soft home decoration products that are integrated with the floor usually come to mind. post carpets They are products that can be displayed on the walls like a work of art. In this context, post carpets designed in various colors, patterns and models are frequently used as decor items in home and office environments. These precious pieces, which are also preferred in the private guest rooms of the offices, add a warmer atmosphere to the atmosphere of the environment.

Post carpets, which allow you to harmonize with the accessories and furniture used in home decoration with their different colors, are designed in different sizes. Post carpets, which usually show themselves in large areas, can easily adapt to small spaces. Especially round post carpet designs are indispensable for small rustic-style spaces.

Post carpets, which can take private spaces out of the standards, are also a very good choice for bedrooms. bedroom post carpet models make the recreation area more comfortable. Especially shaggy post carpet varieties allow you to feel above the clouds even when you are in your comfort zone. In addition, it stands out as a very enjoyable option for places with a fireplace. post plush carpet models can double the enjoyment in the environment.

Pay Attention to These While Choosing a Post Carpet!

Carpet selection is an important issue that affects home decoration. The choice should be made by considering the color, pattern and many features of the carpets, which help the living spaces to turn into the desired environment. Especially post carpet If you are one of those who want to make natural choices, there are some important points that you should pay attention to. The points to consider are as follows:

  • The size of the floor where the carpet will be used,
  • The decoration of the place where the carpet will be used and its harmony with the colors,
  • Which style reflects the post carpet, which has various designs,
  • If a natural product is to be preferred in particular, whether the post carpet is genuine leather,
  • Allergic sensitivity of the user to the hairs on the post carpet,
  • Having pets in the living area where the post carpet will be used.

How Much Are Post Carpet Prices?

There are many types and features of post carpets that attract attention with their appearance and appeal to many senses with their texture. In this context post carpet prices It also varies according to the material from which the product is produced, its size and design. The prices of the hide carpets made of natural leather are higher than the artificial hide carpets. Halıcızade, which hosts budget-friendly products, the most affordable post carpet prices and much more to you.

How to Wash Post Carpet? How to Clean?

precious parts of homes. post state varieties are parts that need a daily or weekly cleaning routine. When it is cleaned regularly, the general cleaning of the post carpets is easier, and the service life is extended. Regular cleaning, which prolongs the usage period, also helps your post carpet look as great as the first day.

Another issue that should be considered during post carpet cleaning is that these products should not be washed in the washing machine. The reason for this is the possibility of damage to the skin, loss of hair and loss of vitality. Therefore, it is recommended to clean the post carpets by wiping them.

Before starting the wiping process of leather post carpets, dusting them with a vacuum cleaner prevents dust and dirt from sticking to the carpet. Therefore, first of all, dust and dirt on the carpet should be removed with a vacuum cleaner. You can't clean it by washing post carpet You can get professional support by giving your products to dry cleaning.

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