One of the important parts of modern decoration abstract patterned carpet, are models that do not contain classical patterns or figures. These pieces, which add a simple atmosphere to the environment in which they are used, can be produced in a wide variety of weaving styles. In addition to being a single color, it can also contain different colors together.

These products, which give a different perspective to home decoration, are usually manufactured according to the comments of the designers. If you are also one of those who are looking for difference and simplicity in your living spaces, contact the master carpet makers of Halıcızade and make a suitable choice for you. abstract patterned carpet You can have the model now.

What is an Abstract Patterned Carpet? What are the types?

abstract carpets, These are modern carpets that mainly come out with the use of colors and forms. These models, which can also take on a classic atmosphere with different touches, are the pieces that anyone who wants to keep up with the conditions of the time can choose with peace of mind.

Abstract patterned carpet models, It is divided into plain design or self-patterned. In flat designs, in addition to presenting a very plain appearance, it also adds a minimal atmosphere to the environment in which it is used. Flat designs with different color alternatives offer you many color options with abstract touches.

Self-patterned abstract carpets, on the other hand, stand out with their original and unique touches. Geometric lines are also frequently used in designs. Embossed patterns also attract attention. carpet modelsis a very good way to add volume to abstract designs.

Where is Abstract Patterned Carpet Used?

These simple pieces are designed for living room, kitchen, bedroom, hallway carpet can be used in many different fields. These models, which have more calm designs, can be easily used both with crowded patterns and in very calm decorations. These carpets, which can be used in almost every environment of the house, complement the modern decoration and highlight the classical decoration.

What are the Advantages of Abstract Patterned Carpet Models?

This carpet model has many advantages, such as easy cleaning, adaptability to any environment or many color options. Abstract patterned carpetsSince they are important parts of modern decoration, they can be easily cleaned and easily adapted to homes or workplaces. Therefore, it can be used in any environment with peace of mind. However, these pieces, which have a wide range of colors, add a different atmosphere to the environments in which they are used. For those who want to add a colorful atmosphere to their home decoration, it is possible to easily reach different abstract carpet models in Halıcızade.

What are the Points to Consider When Choosing an Abstract Patterned Carpet?

When choosing an abstract patterned carpet, many factors should be taken into consideration, such as the area to be used, carpet dimensions, the color to be used, and its suitability for decoration. In this sense, other factors that need to be taken into consideration can be listed as follows;

  • The harmony of the carpet with the decoration in which it will be used
  • Maintenance and cleaning
  • Warranty and durability
  • Size
  • Color match

Abstract Patterned Carpet Models How to Wash and Clean a Carpet?

The point that is as important as carpet selection is the cleaning of the carpet. Carpets, which are frequently used in decoration, often contain bacteria and dust on them. While a vacuum cleaner is sufficient for classical daily cleanings, it is correct to use chemical-free cleaners specially produced for cleaning carpets for deeper cleanings. Almost every carpet model you prefer at Halıcızade has cleaning instructions. Cleaning carried out in accordance with these instructions does not cause any damage to the color and structure of the carpet.

How Much Are the Prices of Abstract Patterned Carpets?

Abstract patterned carpet pricesIt is determined according to the yarn used in the production phase, carpet size, usage area and workmanship. shaped according to certain criteria determined by the brands themselves. carpet pricesalso varies from seller to seller. Halıcızade contributes to completing your home decoration at an affordable cost by offering the most suitable carpet models for your budget.