Yagcibedir carpet It is an important cultural symbol that has succeeded in carrying the feelings, hearings, sights, manners and above all the effort of the Yaycı nomads, who first settled, springed, and wintered around Adana, and then continued their journey to the western ends of Anatolia for various reasons. Birthplace of Balikesir Yagcibedir carpetIn a sense, it is an indicator of a brand new harmony arising from the east-west interaction, understanding and approach differences in Anatolia, which is a large geography in itself.

The endless journeys of the nomadic Turks, from geography to geography, from life to life, have carried a colorful heritage all over the world, but not necessarily, but mostly in Anatolia. The journey of these people, who found a home for themselves in Anatolia, established civilizations here, loved, produced and moved, did not end in this new homeland either. They continued to move in the nature they loved so much with their animals, to which they were closely attached, and as they moved, they continued to interact with other people in Anatolia, to learn and teach from them, and to enrich this unique heritage even more. Yagcibedir carpet formed one of the irreplaceable examples of this movement and interaction.

In this aspect Yagcibedir carpet models It is a school that will bring its story to every place it enters. You will prefer a large room in your living room and living room. Yagcibedir carpet You can get a stylish, sedate yet energetic look with it. You can choose it to add dynamism and character to a space with modern and simple furniture, as well as being compatible with classical wooden furniture.

Yagcibedir carpets It is woven from natural wool entirely by hand. In this respect, each Yagcibedir carpet is unique. You can choose it in all places where you want to add uniqueness and make an elegant touch.


How Yagcibedir Carpet Prices?

There are two factors that determine the prices of Yagcibedir patterned carpets, the first is the way of weaving, and the second is the quality of the yarns used. Although the production of hand-woven Yağcıbedir decreases day by day, the square meter prices vary between 800-1800 TL. Prices for machine woven Yagcibedir carpets range from 400-1200 TL, and for digital prints, they range from 150-500 TL. When you find Yagcibedir carpets, which are woven from bright wool with high quality weaving density, we recommend you not to miss it.