one of the unique cultural products of the Western Anatolia Region. Yagcibedir carpetThese are the carpets woven by the Yayci nomads in and around Balıkesir Sındırgı. Yagcibedir carpet artists The simplicity of the colors and motifs used by them are the most important details that draw attention in these legs. A small number of patterns are generally used in carpets, along with red, white and dark blue tones. These carpets, on the surface of which there is not much variety; It consists of three schemes: single mihrab, mihrab and foot-rest, and double-sided mihrab. The most suitable for you Yagcibedir carpet You can immediately contact the master carpet makers of Halıcızade to have

What is Yagcibedir Carpet? What are the types?

Yagcibedir carpet is a type of carpet that has existed as an important cultural element for many years in the Sındırgı district of Balıkesir. History of Sındırgı Yağcıbedir Carpet It is quite wide. There are 3 different types of Yagcibedir carpets: Sındırgı type, Kepsut type and Bergama type. The most advanced and striking carpets in terms of the patterns used are the Sındırgı type carpets.

Although it had a single mihrab in the past, it now has a double mihrab. In addition, Kepsut type carpets, known as prayer rugs, have a single mihrab. Star and flower motifs are used quite often, as well as being not much different from other varieties in terms of color. Bergama type carpets, known for their examples about 100 years ago, do not have footrests and have a single mihrab.

What are the Features of Yagcibedir Carpet? How is its structure?

The most striking feature of Yagcibedir carpets, which are very long-lasting carpets, is that their knots are made entirely of root dye and wool. As a structure, there are exactly 12 nodes per square centimeter. Yagcibedir carpet motifs generally; big head, star, tree of life, scale motif, plane leaf and grape bunch. On the edges; It is possible to come across motifs such as Yedisulu, Heybesulu, Star Return, Elibelinde, Gooseneck, Dog Tooth. Moreover Yagcibedir carpets; It is woven in pillow, prayer rug, bedstead, head and runner sizes.

Where is Yagcibedir Carpet Woven?

These carpets, which are especially important cultural products of the Balıkesir region, come from the hands of Yağcıbedir nomads. It is generally woven in Balıkesir Sındırgı and Bigadiç regions. Today, it is produced in the provinces of Kütahya, Manisa and Uşak in addition to the places where it is mentioned. At least as much as a sinewy carpet, Esme Yagcibedir Carpet It also has remarkable details and colors.

Balikesir, Sındırgi Yagcibedir Carpet

These carpets, which have been woven for many years in Balıkesir and Sındırgı district of Balıkesir province, are pieces with their own unique character. The weaving culture in the Sindirgi region has started since the Turks entered the region. In addition, in this region, carpets were originally woven for dowry purposes. However Sindirgi Yagcibedir CarpetOver time, it has reached a very important place and has become valuable decorative pieces bearing the traces of history.

Where is Yagcibedir Carpet Used?

These pieces, which are suitable for use in different areas, have become the first choice of those who want to add a classic atmosphere to their home over time. These carpets are carpets on which the meaning of the figures on them is quite evident. For this reason, models with the right motifs should be preferred in terms of suitability for the environment in which they will be used. In addition, the very plain colors used during weaving help places with crowded decorations to gain a calm atmosphere. Choosing the right size is as important as the area where the carpet is used. A Yagcibedir 6m2 carpet is very suitable for a medium-sized living room. Likewise, in narrow and small areas such as balconies or corridors, carpet should be preferred considering the dimensions of 80x200 centimeters.

What are the Advantages of Yagcibedir Carpet?

These carpets, produced with very durable weaving techniques, are very advantageous in terms of being easy to clean and adapting to different decorations. These pieces, which are very practical in terms of use, also have many models that can fit into small spaces such as corridors or balconies.

What are the Points to Consider While Buying Yagcibedir Carpet?

Yagcibedir carpet The most important point to consider when purchasing is the type of yarn used. Correctly selected yarn type ensures that the carpet is used for a longer period of time. However, while choosing the carpet, the colors and motifs used in the product are also very important. Another point to be considered in particular is the pile yarn density and the number of points. These are the most important factors that determine the quality of the product. The points to be considered while purchasing these carpets can be listed as follows;

  • Type of yarn used
  • right color
  • Pile yarn density/ number of dots
  • motif/pattern

What are the Prices of Yagcibedir Carpets?

Sındırgı Yagcibedir carpet pricesvaries according to the usage area of ​​the carpet, the type of yarn used and the preferred colors. As with any type of carpet Yagcibedir machine carpet prices are also known to be more affordable than hand-woven products. These parts, which are produced in various sizes, are subject to different prices. For example Yagcibedir handmade carpet pricesIt is suitable compared to larger sized carpets. For this reason, carpet sizes are the most important factor affecting the price.

However, the prices of carpets, which are generally made of wool yarn, are determined accordingly. Wool yarn is a type of yarn that has been considered very valuable from the past to the present. Because, Yagcibedir carpet price The two most important factors that determine the yarn quality are the yarn quality and the way of weaving. The one that suits your taste and budget. oily carpet You can easily access the models through Halıcızade and order the product you like right away.

How to Wash Yagcibedir Carpet?

These carpets are generally not suitable for machine washing as they are special woven products. For this reason, it should be washed by hand using the most classical methods, that is, using water and carpet shampoos with clean ingredients. Woven carpets have different washing or cleaning methods. In addition, detergents should be selected according to the type of carpet.

These pieces, which are completely hand-woven, started to be produced with machines as a result of the increase in demand over time. Therefore, its cleaning should be done very carefully and carefully. Although completely hand-woven parts are not suitable for machine washing, it is possible to wash the parts produced later in the machine.

How to Wash Yagcibedir Hand Carpet?

These carpets should be washed with hand machines, especially in the first place. It is quite possible for the carpet to be damaged if it is washed in normal machines. It is also possible to wash using carpet shampoo specially produced for carpets and water. Yagcibedir carpet cleaning instructions are usually found on the back of the rugs. The most important feature that distinguishes these carpets, which are very valuable pieces, from other carpets is that their color is easily discolored as a result of incorrect washing.

How to Clean Yagcibedir Carpet?

Lightly soiled carpets can be cleaned with the help of water so that there is no need for detailed cleaning. Stains that occur as a result of spilling a liquid or solid substance can also be removed with the help of carpet cleaners with clean content. There are cleaning instructions for many carpet models, especially Yagcibedir Carpet, in Halıcızade. Carpet cleaning by following these instructions both extends the life of your carpets and helps keep the colors in the same form without mixing with each other.

Where to Buy Yagcibedir Carpet?

For those who want to see and buy this unique heritage, Sındırgı Municipality organizes carpet markets every week for local and foreign tourists. There are many people who voluntarily promote these pieces, which have a very deep-rooted history.

You can have the Yagcibedir carpet, which carries a different energy in every area it is used, in this way, or you can easily own it through Halıcızade. With Halıcızade, you can easily access many different models of the Yağcıbedir carpet, which is one of the most valuable pieces that will increase the dynamism of your home, and you can add an elegant atmosphere to any environment you are in.