geometric patterned carpetThese are carpet models in which geometric shapes, in the broadest definition, the objects we encounter in daily life are used as patterns. It occurs when boundary lines come together at certain angles and form a surface. geometric patterned carpet While examining the category together, talking about what geometric shapes symbolize in human psychology and what mental and emotional connotations they create in the user may change your view of geometry a little bit.

  • According to the researches, square and rectangular forms lead to associations in our minds such as reliability, power, determination and discipline.
  • Shapes such as triangles and diamonds represent excitement, movement and the power to make a breakthrough in our minds with their dynamic structures.
  • Circles, ellipses and oval forms evoke integration, eternity, mystery and order with their continuous, closed structures.
  • Spirals, with their clear and repetitive structures, express creativity, progress and intelligence.

In short geometric patterned rugs, is very versatile and useful with its simple, timeless and stylish looks as well as its structures that allow you to create the energy you want in your space with the forms they contain in their designs.

What is a Geometric Patterned Carpet? What are the types?

geometric patterned carpet These are carpets adorned with shapes or asymmetrical lines, which we have tried to describe above, taking into account their psychological effects. These products are designed as round as well as the usual rectangular shape. As they can be woven by hand, they can also be produced by machine with synthetic or natural materials. In addition, the digital printing technique, which has recently developed and is widely used in many areas of design, can be applied to these carpets with very vivid colors and dynamic patterns.

This category, which has many color and pattern alternatives, offers creative options for your different needs when designing your space and the ambiance you want to create in your living space.

Where Are Geometric Carpet Models Used?

Geometric patterned carpet models When paired with the right items, it's versatile enough to fit into almost any living space.

  • Modern geometric patterned carpet You can use the models in living rooms furnished in a minimalist style. By choosing it together with Scandinavian style furniture, you can design a stylish and integrated living room that does not tire the eyes.
  • Gray geometric patterned carpet You can choose models to balance the colorful walls and furniture and to underline the other colors of the space.
  • You can create a focal point in the space with square and rectangular forms, and by using these forms in the center, you can design the area around the carpet.
  • If you have a large living room, you can choose to separate the living and dining areas.
  • You can create a nice contrast and add movement to your space by matching gray or black furniture with colorful, circular patterned carpets.
  • You can create a feeling of width in your corridors with runners made of horizontal lines or rectangles. You can add movement to the corridors and create a sense of direction in people's minds with triangular patterned carpets that you place according to the going and returning directions.
  • You can underline and draw attention to these areas by using triangular forms in front of a work of art or your reading area.
  • By choosing square, rectangular or circular patterned carpets in your bedroom, you can send the message to your mind that this is a relaxation area.
  • Asymmetrical furniture with simple, rounded lines geometric patterned carpet You can create contrast and add dynamism to the space by using the models together.
  • You can choose round carpets in front of the sink and bathtub/shower areas in your bathrooms.

How to Choose a Geometric Carpet Suitable for Your Living Space?

Geometric carpet selection, material, production technique and patterns vary according to the space you imagine, your lifestyle and the usage area of ​​the carpet. For example, in areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, synthetic materials are more resistant to moisture and stains. geometric patterned rugs often preferred. In your living room and bedroom, you can turn to natural materials. You can also use thin and long geometric patterned runners for your corridors.

geometric patterned carpet When choosing, we have a few tips so you can decide which material is best for you:

  • Models made of wool are quite strong and soft. Stain absorbency is high. It provides thermal insulation. It can last for many years if its maintenance and cleaning is not disrupted. If you are going to prefer a wool carpet in your place, you should be careful not to expose it to moisture or direct sunlight for a long time.
  • Cotton, which is often our first choice in clothing products, is a natural material. It is lightweight and breathable. Due to its high dye absorbency, it allows weaving in many colors and patterns. Its texture is soft and easy to clean. It is very hygienic as it does not leave dust and lint and can be washed in the machine.
  • Bamboo geometric patterned carpet models, does not become electrified as you move on it. It has antibacterial and antiallergic properties due to the natural structure of bamboo. It has a unique shine and soft texture.
  • Synthetic materials are more resistant to moisture and stains due to their structure.

How Much Are Geometric Patterned Carpet Prices?

As in many other categories, geometric patterned carpet In the category, prices vary according to the size of the carpet, the material used and the weaving technique. In short, it is possible to find carpets suitable for every budget and need in this category.

How to Clean and Maintain a Geometric Patterned Carpet?

  • No matter what material it is made of, make sure that your carpet is not constantly exposed to moisture and direct sunlight.
  • Vacuum your carpet regularly, in the direction of the fibers. Make sure your vacuum cleaner's brush is closed.
  • If you plan to wash your carpet at home, be careful not to use strong and abrasive chemicals.
  • Remember that you can extend the life of your carpet by having it professionally cleaned at certain times.


If you want to use the simple, timeless and modern designs of geometric carpets in your living spaces, you can order the product you like from Halıcızade's geometric patterned carpet models.