First sight and impression are the elements that come to the fore in living spaces as in every moment of life. Eco Carpet Fresco Series It is meticulously produced to satisfy its users with its elegant appearance, harmony with other items and the comfort it adds to the environment.

Bring Gray and Beige tones to your Home with Eco Carpet Fresco Series

Eco CarpetYou can also redesign your living space with Fresco, the machine-made carpet series created by Viscose yarns. Capable of appealing to different tastes Eco Carpet FrescoIn addition to the models suitable for modern times, it also includes classic varieties. The symbol of simplicity, harmony and nobility, which also has tones of beige. Eco Carpet FrescoIt also helps your soul to be calm. In addition, the Fresco series that will help you bring all the tones of gray to your home, including silver and anthracite; It also has vintage, abstract and geometric patterns.

What are the Features of Eco Carpet Fresco Series?

Eco Carpet Fresco, It is a series that can be used in all areas of the house and the majority of its yarns are natural viscose. Fresco models, one of the 100 carded machine woven carpets, can be used easily in any desired place. Although it is generally preferred in large houses, different sized designs are also offered to users. Eco Carpet Fresco Series Other features are as follows:

  • It has models enriched with blue, black, gray, beige, gold and different color tones.
  • Since it is produced from viscose, it does not produce fluff and dust.
  • Since it is produced in a tightly woven way, it gives pleasure by making you feel as if it does not exist when you walk on it.
  • It has a durable structure.

Apart from its features, the cleaning of Fresco carpets is also a point to be considered. Daily cleaning can be done easily with a vacuum cleaner. However, it is necessary to get support from professional carpet cleaners for washing.

How Much Are Eco Carpet Fresco Series Prices?

Composed of different designs and colors, Eco Carpet Fresco models are a series that you can have without paying crazy numbers. Produced in various sizes considering different usage areas. Eco Carpet Fresco price range also differs according to the quality of the materials used in production and the way they are processed, apart from the size criterion.

If you want to include one of the Eko Carpet Fresco Series products, which stand out with the price-quality balance it offers, in your decoration preference, you can have the carpet you like right away with the privilege of Halıcızade.