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Calmness and simplicity are always at the forefront Eco Carpet Cozy series makes the time you spend at home more valuable. Designed for those who want to capture a modern look in decoration, these carpets are the right choice for simple and minimal furniture. Eko Carpet models, which allow you to keep up with the times and contribute to creating a different ambiance in your environment, help you carry your design taste to your home. 

Dazzling Eco Carpet Cozy Series

an integral part of the decorations Eco Carpet Cozy Series It allows you to use carpets in any area by hosting different patterns. In this way, you can easily add many models with frame patterns and geometric patterns to your living spaces. While the frame patterned carpets in the series make the area appear wider, the geometric patterned carpets give the environment a more modern look. 

Carpets, which have become an integral part of daily life, are pieces that reflect the user's character in terms of comfort and appearance. Because Eco Carpet Cozy Each carpet in the series is designed to suit both your character and your decoration, contributing to the development of your own private space. 

What are Eco Carpet Cozy Features? 

Eco Carpet Cozy Each piece in the series has a wide range of sizes, allowing it to be easily positioned in every area of ​​the house. And also machine carpet Since these carpets can be professionally washed, the wear rate is also very low. The features of the parts in the series can be listed as follows;

  • There are frames and geometric patterns.
  • It has a modern design.
  • It is produced from synthetic yarns.
  • Requires professional washing.
  • It is produced in Turkey.

How Much Are Eco Carpet Cozy Prices?

Eco Carpet Cozy price range is determined by taking into account the size of the carpets. Carpet models that are larger in size are offered for sale at a higher price. Except that Eco Carpet It is the type of point yarn that affects the price of the series. This series, which is produced as machine-woven from synthetic yarn, is more affordable than hand-woven carpets. Bring your dream carpet models to your home by having a unique shopping experience with Halıcızade, where you can easily find the most suitable models for your decoration and budget.