Avangard, which has the strongest tone in the art world and means the leading power, expresses those who oppose all stereotyped and clumsy movements and styles in culture and art, and constantly seek the new and extraordinary. This avant-garde look, combined with the carpets used to create a warm floor in living spaces and beautify the appearance, becomes an integral part of the carefully decorated rooms.

avant-garde carpetIt is preferred by many people for its fashionably produced decor and floor coverings. Included in Halıcızade's wide product range and produced in a way that appeals to the tastes of all segments. avant-garde carpet models You can easily find the one that suits you.

What Does Avant-Garde Carpet Mean?

The avant-garde, which does not have much place in the world of interior architecture and decoration, expresses a taste and understanding unique to Turkey. Avant-garde carpet modelsIn addition to being semi-classical, it is frequently preferred with brightly colored furniture and accessories. Produced for different tastes and needs avant-garde carpet, It appeals to the eye by making the area where it is used more aesthetically pleasing.

What are the Avangard Carpet Features?

Adding a warm atmosphere to the place and keeping up with the times avant-garde carpet It is often preferred especially in home decoration. You can add a different atmosphere to your home with the models produced from bamboo, viscose and silk, which are shiny and soft yarns, of these carpets, which provide elegance and nobility together.

Helping to go out of the classical style elements avant-garde carpet It also includes modern lines. Depending on the model to be preferred, a palace atmosphere or a sports style can be easily achieved in the environment. With carpets made of various materials, you can complete your decoration as in your dreams and give life to the place you desire.

Avangard Carpet Models Compatible with Your Furniture

What is avant-garde carpet The answer to the question can be given as a mixture of the classic with the modern. In terms of form, it is mostly inspired by classic wooden furniture. avant-garde furniture rugsis reinterpreted by realizing touches that create splendor on modern materials. avant-garde carpet varieties strengthen the weight and character of the place with their magnificent and assertive looks.

Avant-garde carpets differ from traditional carpets in terms of colour, pattern and shine. Especially damask patterned carpets have come to the fore among avant-garde carpet models in recent years, creating harmonious combinations with curtains, wallpaper and furniture fabrics. Thus, you can easily achieve the look you want in your home with these carpets, which are the complementary elements of home decoration.

Where is the Avant-garde Carpet with the Modern Appearance of the Classic Used?

Carpet suitable for avant-garde furniture These carpets, which are frequently preferred by those who are in search of it, are positioned in accordance with the interior design. Thus, the imagined aesthetic image is achieved in reality. In addition to avant-garde or semi-classical furniture, it can also be used with simpler and modern furniture. avant-garde carpet varieties make the modern details of the furniture stand out.

For example, a model with border patterns on the edges creates a sense of border and directs attention to the furniture positioned around it. With these carpets, which you can choose to use to create an extraordinary impression in the world of fashion and decoration, you can get a game-changing look.

Consider These While Choosing Avant-garde Carpets!

There are some tricks to consider when choosing a carpet for decoration and needs. To achieve the extraordinary look you want in your home avant-garde carpet The key points to consider when choosing can be listed as follows:

  • Determining the floor where the product will be used,
  • Taking the correct size of the floor,
  • Determining the desired style,
  • Ensuring color harmony,
  • Investigating the suitability of the budget,
  • Learning about cleaning and maintenance.

How Much Are Avangard Carpet Prices?

Avant-garde carpet prices, It varies according to the weaving technique of the carpet and the materials used. In addition, there are differences in price according to the size of the carpet. E.g avant-garde carpet 160x230 with avant-garde carpet 80x300 The prices of the sizes are different from each other. While the square meter prices of Avangard machine-made carpets start from 300-400 TL, the square meter prices of hand-woven Avangard carpets can reach up to 15.000 TL.

Avant-garde carpet reviews Considering that, a budget-friendly product can easily be found. you too avant-garde carpet You can contact the master carpet makers of Halıcızade to get detailed information about its varieties and to get architectural and decoration advice.

How to Clean Avangard Carpet Models?

avant-garde carpet When cleaning, wiping should be preferred instead of washing. While doing this, a quality carpet shampoo should be used. In addition, care should be taken to follow the instructions for use while applying the shampoo.

While cleaning, materials such as hard surface cleaners, detergents and bleach should be avoided. Such products damage the texture and color of the carpet and shorten its lifespan. In addition to these, after the wiping process is applied, the carpet must be dried and not left damp. In addition, drying process should not be done under direct sunlight.

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