We rolled up our sleeves and designed a carpet. We spent weeks, sometimes months, on the color of some and the pattern of others. A series of carpets and kilims designed exclusively for Halıcızade emerged. We tried to prepare the right products for your needs, from yarns to dyes, from knot density to ease of use. With the assurance of Halıcızade, you can breathe a different spirit into your space with extraordinary special design carpets and kilims while making your choices with peace of mind. We are working on expanding our exclusive design collection, stay tuned 😉


How are the Models and Prices of Carpets and Rugs Specially Designed for Halıcızade?

There are carpets and kilims produced with different weaving techniques in our collection. handwoven from the Sapphire series with high knot density hand knitted minimal modern Focus series, thin, light and easy to clean We offer a selection suitable for different budgets and decoration needs, from the border collection to damask fiber types. You can take a look at classic, semi-classical, modern, minimal, damask design carpets and kilims among the specially designed carpets and rugs. You can use specially designed carpets in different corners of your home, from kitchens to living rooms, from entrance halls to living areas and bedrooms.

Don't forget to contact our expert carpet makers team to find the right carpet for your space together!